Single BBQ (Small size)

roasting meat / skewers / grilling


Single BBQ +
standard accessories:


      1 double worm gear system

      1 worm gear motor

      2 stainless steel square rods 10X10

      1 stainless steel grilling grate



  • Charcoal bin fire-cabin set
  • 6 stainless steel wide kebab skewers
  • 6 stainless steel standard skewers
  • Mild steel door or charcoil bin
  • Embodied white oven (cannot be added after installment)


Also available in stainless steel



Suitable for roasting all type of meat i.e.: lamb, beef, chicken or pork etc. The most functional and up-to-date BBQ in the Greek market.

Comes with:

  • Built-in lighting for evening entertainment
  • Innovative and fully functional 2-ble worm gear system, lower in the front for easier rod access to the back positions
  • A powerful worm gear motor
  • Czech firebricks available in two colours: classic yellow and dark brown.


  • Internal: 35.4in x 20.5in
  • External: 46.5in x 28.4in
  • Bench height: 34in
  • Total height: 88.6in

The construction is robust, with the 5.5in thick cement base and 4.7in thick cement in the exhaust canopy.

The BBQ is supplemented with a large variety of accessories for multiple use.

Built-in lighting for evening entertainment
2 stainless steel rods Φ18 Charcoal fire cabin set
Triple worm gear system
Mild steel door & Charcoil bin (Extras)