New BBQ (Large)

roasting meat / skewers / grilling


Large New BBQ + Accessories:

      Large portable BBQ

      1 horizontal worm driver

      1 worm gear motor

      2 stainless steel rods Φ18

      2 stainless steel rods Φ12

      17 stainless steel square skewers

      2 stainless steel grilling grates



  • Embodied white oven (cannot be added after installment)
  • Mild steel door
  • Charcoal bin


Also available in stainless steel



Innovation and functionality best describe this New BBQ series. It differs in design and function, by emboding the complete portable BBQ set into the classic cement construction. No other BBQ comes with such a multitasking ability and a variety of accessories!

Comes with:

  • Built-in lighting for evening entertainment
  • Innovative and fully functional 2-ple worm gear system, lower in the front for easier rod access to the back positions
  • A powerful worm gear motor, hidden inside the constuction
  • Czech firebricks available in two colours: classic yellow and dark brown.


  • Internal: 57in x 29.1in
  • External: 67.7in x 37in
  • Bench height: 34in
  • Total height: 88.6in

The construction is robust, with the 5.5in thick cement base and 4.7in thick cement in the exhaust canopy.

The BBQ is supplemented with a large variety of accessories for multiple use.

Built-in lighting for evening entertainment
The complete portable device is embodied in the built construction
New BBQ with mild steel door and charcoil bin (extras)
New BBQ with embodied metallic oven (extras)