Euro Grill Imports directly imports quality custom-made rotisseries, barbecues, traditional fireplaces and traditional ovens from Greece. Euro Grill Imports is a pioneer in the barbecue business and the first to directly import from Greece to the United States these traditional types of products.

We work with a notable and reputable BBQ manufacturer in Greece that makes both the BBQ products and the equipment in its entirety. They have developed and produced a new, unique barbecue mechanism for the rotation of the spit by utilizing a patented triple screw mechanism (Patent 1,007,408) and the only one that produces it in Europe. It is truly one of it kind and what makes our grills the best in the industry.

The manufacturer produces all metal parts and equipment of the BBQ including the frame of the barbecue, the barbecue mechanisms rotation of spit, spits, grating, and tubs baking.

Our equipment is for residential and commercial applications as it can be customized to your liking. We make a variety of sizes, bbq pits, ovens and even can customize your kitchen space for indoor or outdoor use. We have the capability to ship anywhere in the United States with easy to follow instructions for set up.

Browse through our extensive inventory to view the wide range of products available. If you don't see something, please contact us as we have the capability to customize to your liking.

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